OK, Really for Real This Time

Last week in class, I stated my goal of losing the final 17 pounds in the next 3 months. By the goal made it up on the blog, the scale had fluctuated so I had only 15 to go.

Well, yesterday, I forgot to weigh myself, so the update in my sidebar is from this morning. Still 17 pounds to go.

When we talked in class last night, it was clear that several of us had stumbled over the holiday weekend. I hadn’t explicitly realized it until I said it out loud, but I ate three desserts on Easter. THREE! And, none of them were worth it, as far as being my favorite thing or super-fantastic-beyond-all-belief desserts.

I’ve just got to get into my one-day-at-a-time mode. If I want to eat something bad, I simply need to procrastinate and tell myself I’ll eat it tomorrow. I’m good at procrastinating.  I need to apply that skill to my bad habits!

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2 Responses to OK, Really for Real This Time

  1. Shonnie says:

    My best wishes to you on accomplishing this goal girly. I had 15 pounds to go then I gained 15 pounds. hahaha! Oh, well. trying to figure out how to eat and train has not ever worked well for me.

    Looking forward to see how well you do. 😀

  2. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

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