My Spin Playlist

I’ve only been to two spinclasses, but have hopped on the bike several more times on my own, iPod charged and ready to go. Here’s what I do to burn ~340 calories in 45 minutes on the Kaiser stationery bike:

  • Eve of Destruction, Bishop Allen (3:36): Warm up, low gear, RPMs in the 50s
  • Love Rollercoaster, Ohio Players (4:43): Jogging (standing up in the saddle), starting at a low gear with RPMs that match the groove and working up two gears at a time every 16 beats or so until I’m leaning forward with my hands on the inside grips at the highest gear I can stand (~20-22), then dropping down to spin at a low gear for 32 beats in a sitting position before working my way up the ladder again.
  • Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That, Robert Randolph & The Family Band (3:30): Sitting & spinning at a low-medium tension (~10-12) with RPMs in the 70s-80s.
  • Girls on Film, Duran Duran (3:33): 8-beat jumps and 16-beat jumps (it kind of depends how closely I’m paying attention) at medium tension, medium RPMs.
  • Kiss with a Fist, Florence + the Machine (2:04): Flat-out sprint ~110 RPMs at the highest tension (7 to 10) where I can maintain the RPMs.
  • These Arms of Mine, Otis Redding (2:34): Recovery from the sprint, enjoying the music, low to medium tension while sitting.
  • Safe European Home, The Clash (3:50): A jogging ladder similar to Love Rollercoaster, aiming to do whatever it takes to keep my heart rate in the 140s.
  • Chelsea Dagger, The Fratellis (3:35): I haven’t really figured out the best way to get through this song. It has a great beat that seems made for jumps, but I can’t get in the right groove. 8-beat jumps? 16-beat? I’m winging it in here.
  • Waiting for the Great Leap Forward, Billy Bragg, Worker’s Playtime edition (4:36): A tension ladder in the middle RPM-wise, starting off on a lower gear while sitting, working up to a higher gear while standing, with some seated recovery and time to enjoy the music at the end.
  • Bad Reputation, Joan Jett (2:51): Another flat-out sprint, as fast as I can go with as much tension as possible, staying in the 100-110 RPM range.
  • Mrs. Robinson, The Lemonheads (3:46): I keep the spring going for as long as possible, then do some seated work with more tension, letting my heart rate drop down a bit but not too much.
  • Here It Goes Again, O.K. Go (3:00): 8- and 16-beat jumps with middle tension and RPMs.
  • Guns of Navarone, The Skatalites (3:21): The recovery. I just get in the groove of the song and let my heart rate come down, adjusting gears and RPMs to maintain grooviness. Sometimes, I do a little extra push with one leg for 16 beats or so, then switch legs, because the music has such a strong down beat.
  • Let’s Stay Together, Al Green (3:19): A little more recovery on the bike with the gear at a 2 and the RPMs pretty effortless, stretching my arms and drinking water, then stretching off the bike.

Bad Reputation is the one I’m most likely to burst out singing at top volume one day. I grin all the way through the final few songs, in fact, starting there. Girls on Film is one I’m really enjoying, but can’t figure out how to make it work as a spin song, so I may need to sub something else. Ditto These Arms of Mine.

My recall isn’t great on the RPMs and gears I’m using for each song. I really tend to use my heart rate as a guide, trying to keep it up in the 140s and 150s, with pushes into the 160s every so often to build endurance. Much of my recover is in the 130s; when I dip into the 120s, I crank something up to get it higher.

I’m going to tweak it a little more, maybe sub out Duran Duran and Otis, then try to convince my husband to ride it with me and see what he thinks.

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One Response to My Spin Playlist

  1. Sandi says:

    Chelsea Dagger is one of my happy tunes, never fails to cheer me up. Not knowing much about spin, though, I can’t help recommend how you attack it, haha! I really like seeing what other people have on their workout playlists.

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