This Week’s Weigh In

On the plus side, I was at 155 this morning, after 157 last week.

I took off both Monday and yesterday—no exercise at all. I’ve been pushing really hard, and thought I’d take a real recovery.

This morning, I ran the fastest 14-minute mile you’ve ever seen! I forgot my heart rate monitor, so I can’t confirm this, but certainly I got my heart pumping. I guess I’ll just never be speedy, but I certainly have improved my conditioning, and that’s what counts. I’ll go back to going hard tomorrow, but feel like I’ll benefit from this little training vacation.

I did buy a box of coconut macaroons on the way home. I have not opened them. I may not open them. I’m going to live with them in the house for a day and see how that goes. I’d like to have one tomorrow. I got them because I have a meeting in a few hours that is stressing me out, but once I realized that, I found the power not to actually eat one.


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6 Responses to This Week’s Weigh In

  1. Good for you! Coincidentally, I recently had macaroons. My SIL made some and brought them to a family event. Oh how I love coconut. Homemade!

    • Andie says:

      I made some Easter that we’re horrible, so have had coconut on the brain, and using coconut oil for stir fry hasn’t satisfied the urge.

  2. fairyhealthylife says:

    That’s awesome! That’s a better feeling than eating the cookie will give you.

  3. Despite the stressy meeting sounds like a great day

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