Advice & Encouragement

At a party last night, I saw a friend and neighbor I’ve not seen since at least last summer. He works with models. He cut to the chase:

You’ve lost, like, almost 100 pounds.

I defaulted to my usual answer to that sort of question/statement/acknowledgment, telling him yes, I’d lost almost 80 pounds, and I’ve been working really hard.

It is hard, and you’re going to have to keep working now.

Well, that’s true! There was something really funny and honest about the way he didn’t mince words at all. I felt a little like he was giving me an appraisal. It would’ve been unnerving if he weren’t such a kind, fascinating person.

We checked in on our dogs and houses (well, he has plural houses, we just have the one), and showed me a photo of his newest place. I noted his Vespa in the shot, and said I want to get one. Back to blunt, he told me it wasn’t safe and I should get a bike instead.

I think I’m going to call him over for a 15-minute session the next time I’m feeling sorry for myself. He’ll slap the wallow right out of me.

Later, I talked to a friend who’d seen me for the first time in months a few weeks ago. She mentioned that she’d been wanting to write me a letter saying how proud she is of my determination.

What a lovely night out! Makes me think we should go out more often! 🙂

This morning, I bought a new bike helmet and water pack for roller skating. The very helpful guy at the shop walked over, while I was at the register, holding out an open box of very delicious looking cupcakes.

He offered me one, and said I’d regret it if I didn’t eat one. Cupcake pusher!

I took a deep breath and told him thank you, but I’d just lost 77 pounds, so I’d probably regret it more if I DID eat one. He quickly closed the box and put it out of sight behind the counter.

I’m so lucky those cupcakes weren’t chocolate.

I did eat a piece of chocolate cake at the party last night. I budgeted for it, calorie-wise, and ate it slowly. Today, back to the hard work, because it really is never-ending. I know how to do it, though. Onward!

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4 Responses to Advice & Encouragement

  1. Yes – it really is never-ending. But what great progress:)

  2. Excellent progress, and way to go for that deep breath and that unapologetic, kind honesty you showed to the cupcake guy. What a great way for you to take care of yourself!

  3. fairyhealthylife says:

    That’s a great feeling, enjoy it! There’s a lot more coming your way!

  4. “cupcake pusher” lol I love that one!

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