Well, Hell

OK, back to 157. This is the same two pounds. Here’s to hoping they’re gone again and forever next week at the weigh-in. Too much cake, too many carbs, too many calories is my guess. That at least makes it clear what I need to do to fix it.



OK, I went back to look at my food logs, in which I was brutally honest, and while I did have a few slips on a few days, I did not consume even close to the 3,500 extra calories it would take to gain one pound, let alone the 7,000 needed for two pounds. This is why logging food is helpful. I can see that this is just one of those fluctuations that is largely beyond my control—all I can control is calories in and my exercise.

And, in even better news, it appears that I do not have a leak under my sink, but instead had some jar or bottle of something leaking under my sink. A much easier fix. Good grief! Didn’t need this adrenaline rush in the morning!!

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