It’s About Health

I’m trying. I’m weighing myself, and the two-pound range I’ve been in has shifted up a step. What was the 155 to 157 range has become the 156 to 158 range. I’m going to get past this, but I need to acknowledge that what I’ve been doing hasn’t done it yet.

This weekend, I cleaned out our kitchen, including the lazy susan that holds all of our vitamins, pills, and potions. I came across several prescription bottles: pain pills from my root canal (or the dental meltdown that triggered the root canal, more precisely), potassium supplements, and hydrochlorothiazide.

Blood pressure medication. Medication I no longer need because I have lost, as of today, 74 pounds. Medication I do not ever want to take again.

In fact, I have no prescriptions right now.

THAT is something to celebrate. THAT is why I’m doing this hard work, every day, every meal, every trip to the gym. No chocolate cake is worth my health.


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