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Are Soda Bans the Answer?

New York City may ban sales of sugary soft drinks in sizes larger than 16 oz. The proposed first-in-the-nation ban would impose a 16-ounce limit on the size of sweetened drinks sold at restaurants, movie theaters, sports venues and street … Continue reading

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A Good Read, No (Few?) Mean Comments

I’ve said it before, and know many of you feel the same way—it is great to have a safe space, these blogs, for all of us to discuss the challenges, hopes, fears, etc. we all experience around losing weight. I … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons to Not Go Back

I’m not sure I trust conventional wisdom about how long it takes to adopt a new habit. Three weeks? Three months? I’ve spent years eating badly, avoiding exercise, and being unhappy about my weight, but doing nothing to change those … Continue reading

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The Locked Toolbox

I think there is a weird mental state one can be in—I know I’ve been in it before—where you know what to do, and you think about doing it, and you know what the results would be if you did … Continue reading

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Lapse, Relapse, Collapse

I haven’t collapsed. I haven’t given up. I’m still in control of this situation. It is fair to say, however, that I’m in the relapse zone. I’ve eaten without recording for several days, I’ve only been to the gym every … Continue reading

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