My Awesome Trainer

Today was my last session with the trainer at my gym. They were having a special in December, so I bought 11 sessions for the price of 8. Thanks to a few business conflicts and the flu, I missed a few weeks here and there, hence having 11 sessions last all of the way until May.

We did measurements again, like we did the first day. Ironically, most of the caliper measurements were lower except for three of them; those three are the ones that they use to calculate BMI. Of course. I’m not too worried that mine was a little higher per her measurements, because I know that 1) I got on the scale with shoes & everything in the late afternoon after 2 meals, a snack, and almost all of my water for the day, and 2) the measurements we do at my doctor’s office are more accurate. Still, it was kind of funny that the three measurements were higher.

We then did the same sit-up and push-up test we did on day 1. I did 17 push-ups in a minute instead of 11, and 23 sit-ups instead of 22.

Then, she tried to kill me.

We did Tabata intervals on the elliptical, triceps, and biceps, back to elliptical, then to some horrible twisty-ab thing on the bosu (the link shows someone far more coordinated and cut than I am doing the exercise. My heels hit the floor each time, and I fell a couple of times.) We finished with a non-interval exercise, ten of these:

By the way, often, when I look at exercise videos, they are done by incredibly fit Aussies. That country must be freakishly fit!

During the second round on the elliptical, I made the mistake of putting my hands on the heart rate sensor when I started. My heart rate STARTED at 180, which is my max. I’m kind of bummed and kind of relieved that I didn’t have on my heart rate monitor.

GASPING for air is not something I do often, but I pretty much did it the whole workout. When she picked up the bosu (that’s the half-ball balance thing), I told her that normally, I’d be psyched to see her get that, hoping I’d get an “easy” break by having simply to balance on it, but that after the elliptical/tris/bis/elliptical, there was no way in hell I could even slow my breathing down enough to balance.

Frankly, I gasped for air almost the whole drive home in my car! My allergies were bad yesterday, aggravated by touching something covered in cat hair in a thrift shop, and at one point driving home, I realized that it might be a good idea to check to see if my inhaler, which I haven’t needed in ages, was in the car.

It wasn’t.

I took a hit when I got home, and that helped immensely.

I’ve got jury duty today, and I’m glad for the excuse to sit and recover. If I can figure out a way to push myself through this workout, or something similar, while I’m on my summer vacation, I’ll be golden. Or dead. But golden and in-shape dead. 🙂

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10 Responses to My Awesome Trainer

  1. I have never done the Tabata intervals…but now I am intrigued. Maybe I’ll do some on the spin bike tonight! The squat/crunch thingies on the bosu also intrigue me! I want to try that now, too! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Andie!!!

    • Andie says:

      I’m wondering if I could push myself as hard as my trainer pushed me. She kept ramping up the incline & resistance on the elliptical. Every time she’d reach for the buttons, as I gasped for air, I thought she was about to take pity on me and lower the incline or reduce the resistance, but NO. Never. Sore today!

      • I know I never push myself quite as hard as Denise pushes me. I know it without a shadow of a doubt. Not that I don’t work hard without her…but I certainly work harder with her! 🙂

  2. Shonnie says:

    Hey do I have all your latest number down??

    • Andie says:

      Yeah … they haven’t really budged in a while. Believe me – when I hit that next milestone at 80 pounds, everyone will know! 🙂

      • Shonnie says:

        Ok … well at least you are not moving backwards like I have. My high was 107 lost and now I am back almost to 80 pounds lost …. talk about BUMMER! 🙂

      • Andie says:

        Don’t give up! You always seem to be moving forward, prevailing over the stuff that would get other people down. You’re one of my heroes!

      • Shonnie says:

        AWE … you are too sweet. Do not worry!! I am not giving up or in. NEVER! Just having a tough time. I had me a great new plan and I broke my tooth! yeah! So now I gotta revamp. 🙂

  3. Shonnie says:

    You are doing great by the way!

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