The Locked Toolbox

I think there is a weird mental state one can be in—I know I’ve been in it before—where you know what to do, and you think about doing it, and you know what the results would be if you did do it, so you expect you should be getting those results, but you don’t actually DO what you need to DO, so you don’t.

You may have experienced this (I have) when you buy an exercise tape (yes, I’m dating myself, so use DVD if that is your technology of choice!) and expect it will help you exercise/lose weight/gain health by osmosis. Then you face reality and realize that sitting down to watch it once to preview the moves does not actually provide any direct benefit to you. And eating while you’re watching it really doesn’t set you up for success.

I feel like I’ve got this great toolbox of how to be healthy, but I’ve been carrying the toolbox around for the past few weeks thinking that having it was enough. It stayed closed and I wasn’t using the tools. I was lugging around a locked box thinking that was all I needed to do. Sometimes, I was even telling you, or me, or others, what tool they should be using, while basically resting my foot on top of my sealed-shut toolbox.

I met with my supportive and wise nutritionist yesterday. We did another BIA, and she scheduled some fasting labs for me later this week.

[So, realizing that you might not know about the BIA, I did a quick search for the best description, and see that some people feel it isn’t a great test. Ultimately, as much as I like to measure and collect data, I think I do a pretty good job of keeping numbers in perspective. The greatest value of the BIA for me is not necessarily its accuracy, but the comparison over time between my readings.]

Back to the matter at hand: a new goal. As she asked me questions, we noticed that:

  1. I’ve really fallen off on tracking my food in Lose It.
  2. I may not be getting enough protein.
  3. Sugar cravings are really getting to me.
  4. Looking at the comparison between the last two BIAs, I’ve actually lost some weight from lean body mass rather than fat mass, which is not where I want the loss to come from, and I’m a little dehydrated.

Back to daily tracking, no excuses or delays, for a few weeks. If it goes in my mouth, it goes in Lose It. I need to make sure I’m getting not only enough protein, but enough calories on the days I exercise. Tracking will also help me with veggie intake, which has improved over the last week for sure, but could be stronger.

I need to focus on more consistent exercise instead of going so hard that I need to take rest days more often than twice a week. That may mean burning fewer calories in a workout, but I need the regularity right now, not the max burn rate.

All of this has led to my new goal. I’m aiming to get under 150 by the end of June. I’m not setting a specific number goal, so 149 would be as good as 140. 150, by the way, was my original goal for all of this work.

I’ll get to my sub-150 number, and then focus on maintaining it for 3 months. Maintenance should not look too different from what I’m doing now, since I seem to be in a quasi-maintenance mode anyway. Then, in the fall, I can determine if I’m up for a final push (3 months? 6 months?) to lose another 10-15-20 pounds, whatever seems realistic, healthy, and attainable. I might decide just to maintain.

One more thing I realized while I drove home yesterday. I haven’t been blogging as regularly, nor have I been reading others’ blogs on a daily basis. I need to get back to a more regular schedule for both of those, because they clearly have been important to my progress. So, coming up soon, a post about being in a parade last weekend! And then, more boring blogging, compared to parade reporting, about this journey to better health at a lower weight.

I’m down a bit this week, as far as weight, which is nice. It helps to be able to keep up a downward trend rather than fight back from the upward one I’ve been in for a few weeks. I’m feeling calm and somewhat in control. This is good. Let’s do this. Let’s keep it up. Onward.

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3 Responses to The Locked Toolbox

  1. Sandi says:

    Your first paragraph resonates with me so much. If I lost weight every time I THOUGHT about what I need to do to lose weight …

  2. Rochelle says:

    I think I could have written the first part of your post, I actually laughed out loud because that has been me on MANY occasions. I especially loved the reference to losing weight through osmosis because I have used that exact phrasing many times. Ha! Great minds think alike! We have all been there and we know this weight loss stuff is HARD. It looks like you and your nutritionist are working to get to the root of the situation, though which is great. Best of luck!!!!

  3. anewert1 says:

    Wow, I like how you used the toolbox. Yes, I’ve done the same thing with exercise dvds (preview, but don’t actually perform the activity). Tracking my food daily has been helping me stay within my limits. Sounds like you have doable goals and I’ll be rooting for you!

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