Sometimes, You Have to Laugh

I try very hard not to make fun of people. If I’m going to laugh, I try to laugh with, instead of laughing at, but every once in a while, people make it tough.

I’ve gone running the past three days, and encountered crowded track conditions every time. I guess the weather has finally driven outdoor runners inside.

I made the tactical error of going at lunch two days ago, when a couple of classes or training groups were using it. I won’t make that mistake again any time soon!

I already have a tough time just ignoring the people who walk in the running lane, but these folks were really asking for it. They weren’t running, and they were definitely not staying in the outer/walking lane. They were moving around the track on their hands and feet, like they were doing mountain climbers but without the bounce, and moving forward instead of jumping in place.

Several years ago, I saw a documentary about a family in Turkey in which at least one sibling group walks using both their hands and feet. A controversy exists over the scientific reason for this, but whatever the cause, the calluses on their hands prove that they do, in fact, get around on all fours instead of the usual bipedal method we’ve all become so fond of in this day and age.

So this group of adults basically crawling around the track on their hands and feet with their rear ends stuck high in the air. Every single one of them seemed miserable. Most were complaining about rug burn on their hands. Several were predicting they would vomit before the day was up.

Their trainer then gave them a break, of sorts, having them do a step-together-step style sideways skipping lap, once facing the inside of the track, once facing out. Then, though, they’d go back to the weird hand crawl.

They were giddy and in pain, and not a single one gave a hoot when they were blocking the entire track, or crawling in the running lane, or generally pissing off everyone else.

I frequently look ridiculous at the gym, and just as frequently, wonder if anyone is noticing. I don’t care, but I wonder. So, I figured that for these people’s sake, I would end their wondering and say out loud that they actually did look ridiculous. I didn’t mean it as a negative thing, really, I just wanted to free up their minds to worry about other things.

I shared my assessment with a couple of people, and we had a good laugh at the expense of the exercise class folks, so I’m sharing it with you, too. If ever there were a time to break the gym’s rule on taking photos, that would’ve been the time to do it.

I seem to be doing OK these days, craving chocolate madly but keeping things in line. Still engaged in road trip planning, and just ordered a wok to ship to the summer camp so we’ll be able to keep up our healthy stir fries.


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