Sneaking the Healthy into Food

I actually love vegetables, so feel sorry for people who are forced to hide them in other food, drown them in sauce, etc. Over the weekend, we ate some delicious roasted local purple cauliflower. I cooked it with just a bit of olive oil, and it was excellent.

The “we” who ate it included me, my husband, and my sweet, sneaky, 7-year-old counter-surfing puppy dog. She LOVES cauliflower, brussels sprouts, all of the cruciferous vegetables. This is my dog who the vet has said is the only dog he’s ever recommended needs to gain weight. Somehow, extra cauliflower hasn’t helped her bulk up.

My mom dutifully took some on her plate, but she pushed it around like a human 7-year-old before she just admitted that she really doesn’t like it. I offered to melt some cheese on it for her, which got a nasty look.

At the next family meal, my brother made what was the third or fourth reference to the chocolate cake I made over 15 years ago—15!—with beets. He still can’t get over the fact that he ate beets. We had all agreed beforehand not to tell him that the dip we were serving was white beans, kale, and artichoke hearts mixed with yogurt, another food, like beets, that he refuses to let cross his lips intentionally.

I think that continuing to get a decent amount of vegetables into my daily diet over the past month is what has kept me from gaining back too much weight. After all, my clothes all still fit, and nothing seems much tighter than before. I’m definitely up, but not at disaster levels.

My big road block, while spending a month trying to work at least half of every day in the land of my childhood summer vacations, has been the whoopie pie. It’s a Pennsylvania/New England treat, almost like the tops of two chocolate cupcakes with vanilla cream smushed together into a sandwich. I’ve just given in and eaten about 7 of them in a month, which is a shocking realization given how disciplined I’ve been in the past year about splurges.

I’m thinking that, as we get through our final week, I should do a whoopie pie exorcism. I’ll make some, rather than buy them, so I have to face exactly what goes into them. For the chocolate cake part, I’ll use a chocolate beet cake recipe, but not tell anyone, especially my brother. Or, I’ll take advantage of the silly surplus we seem to have of zucchini and do chocolate zucchini cake. I’m having a hard time figuring out what I can to to make the marshmallow-y cream filling healthier, but perhaps something with mascarpone and greek yogurt will work.

I don’t have time for it this year, but I sure would like to become someone who gardens. Eating so many fresh, local veggies has been pure heaven this past month. There are other things I’ve got to tackle first, so perhaps a weekly delivery from one of the local food co-ops will have to be enough for me to handle.

A little good news: my heel hasn’t really been bothering me all day. Perhaps I’ve given it enough rest! I may try to jog tomorrow, just a short run, possibly just on the flat part of the road to test out the new shoes I got and see if the heel has healed. Wish me luck!

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4 Responses to Sneaking the Healthy into Food

  1. I am not a veggie fan and have worked hard in the past couple of years to eat them on a consistent basis. My mom loves them. Wish I’d inherited THAT gene!

  2. Baking a cake really wakes you up to why they taste so good and why they are so bad for you. I’m sure the portion size you eat is directly related to whether it’s shop bought or homemade!

  3. S.N.S says:

    Mmmmm, your veggie based cakes sound delicious. Any chance you could post some recipes?

    How did the jog go? Fingers crossed your heel held out.

    • Andie says:

      Thanks – the heel didn’t really hold up, so I opted not to push.

      I would post recipes but managed not to bake anything, figuring I didn’t need the temptation. Once I get last month’s excesses behind me, I’ll see if I can be moderate!

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