Detox Redux

Even though the last time I did it was pretty horrible, I’m doing the 10-day detox again. Today is day 1.

Last time, I had been eating an incredibly restricted and very low carbohydrate diet when I started the detox. I hadn’t been putting much into my body that you could consider bad for me. The detox sharply increased my carb intake and I really wasn’t ready for it. Also, the “medical food” protein/nutrient supplement was just nasty.

This time, I’m coming off five weeks of really crummy eating. My fingers and face are puffy, and the blotchy red spot on my cheek is on fire. I didn’t have any caffeine yesterday, or sugar, and by about two in the afternoon, I would have bitten the head off a rattlesnake if if had looked at me funny. And the headache—wow, it was big, bad, and ugly.

I also noticed, driving around, that I was feeling really gloomy. Really, really gloomy. Like sliding into bed and not getting out for days while I mope and eat cupcakes out of a jumbo-sized package gloomy.

So, time to clean out the system. I figured I better jump right into it before I have time to a) talk myself out of it, or b) eat a bunch of really bad bar food while watching the women’s soccer match tomorrow.

While it would be nice to drop a few pounds quickly from the detox, I’m really just hoping for a palate re-set. I need to get the taste of fried pies, butter cream, and chocolate out of my system.

So, today, I eliminate from my diet: flesh foods (a.k.a. meat), anything artificially sweetened or colored, and caffeine. Tomorrow, I jettison the dairy products and certain grains. It just gets more bleak from there, so I don’t want to dwell on it.

Tomorrow, I also start going every other week to meet with others who’ve completed the year-long/every week program I concluded right before I left town. I’m thinking of it as a support group. I’ll weigh in and have that accountability, which clearly, I need.

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4 Responses to Detox Redux

  1. A friend of mine did this recently under similar circumstances as yours, and what she said she got out of it the most was the palate reset. She went from crap to clean pretty quickly and without too much trauma. Good luck with this!!!! You can do it!

  2. Laina says:

    I’m a big fan of a re-set. Congrats on your decision, and keep up the good work!

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