Heel Detox

Day 1 of the detox went OK. The biggest challenge was not the eating, but adding exercise back into the mix.

After being off of my heel (because of plantar fasciitis) for three weeks, I ran yesterday. Just a mile, in my new shoes, taking it easy. Trying to take it easy, anyway. It was hard to settle into my usual pace, as my body at first seemed to want to go really fast, then bonked a bit, then rallied.

I stretched much more than usual, but the heel pain is back in full force. I’m icing it several times a day and doing all of the home remedies one finds on the internet. Still, I’m concerned that true recovery may make it difficult to pull off  a half-marathon in January, which seems far away but which, in terms of my training needs, is really soon.

I am going to ask at the gym about water classes today, and may get back on the spin bikes for some cross-training, although that may aggravate my other issue (which doesn’t have a name but which is basically saddle soreness extraordinaire from spinning that exacerbates an old wound and prevents me from sitting without specialty pillows etc. – frying pan, meet fire, basically).

So, the pain, at least, distracts me from the detox eating!

Today, day 2, I start in with the shake/protein supplement. The one last time was like drinking straight sulfur powder; the new one I’m using is almost drinkable, which, compared to the last one, makes it seem like the nectar of the gods. I did cheat just a bit and put a little brown sugar in my oatmeal, but that is because I do not believe that oatmeal was ever meant to be alone in the bowl with only hot water.

I’m down a pound since two days ago, which is nice and the right direction for the scale to be going. Now, work really must begin at this point. Onward!

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3 Responses to Heel Detox

  1. rikristin says:

    Plantar Fasciitis killed me too about 2 years ago and the only relief I finally found was in wearing those huge heeled Skechers sneakers. I even ran a bit in them! Hope you get some relief soon and keep icing!

    • Andie says:

      I’m so glad you commented – I haven’t iced since this morning, and you reminded me! Hope you haven’t had any problems recently.

      • rikristin says:

        Knock on wood, or my head since it’s just as hard, but no flare up of the pain in more than a year. I think it’s hard for anyone to realize how much it hurts until they get it. Hope it goes away soon.

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