Detox Wimp

If someone screaming something this morning woke you up, it was me saying UNCLE to detox. I made it through four days, but going from a daily protein habit of about 110-130 grams to hovering around 60 grams was killing me. My head was too fuzzy, and work was taking me twice as long.

I do think it helped, even doing only four days. I feel better, but I’m just ready to start eating normal food instead of powdered protein. Maybe I’m a wimp, but I’m a productive wimp, and being productive pays the bills around here.

The main accomplishment of even the first four days of detox has been welcoming an abundance of veggies back into our daily diet. In five days, we’ve gone through a package of kale, one of spinach, about 3 pounds of tomatoes, a bunch of celery, 1 pound of carrots, several onions, a bunch of basil, three avocados, 4 or 5 bell peppers, a bunch of asparagus, a head of cabbage, and a couple of summer squashes.

Add to that the fruit, lentils, quinoa, hummus, and walnuts, and it is hard to imagine that I missed meat, eggs, and yogurt as much as I did. But miss them I did, so later, I’ll hit the store for more.

The runner-up bonus of the detox is that I’m back to pre-road trip levels of water consumption. I cut back while we were in the car, but once we got to our family house, the water situation was challenging (filter broken, carrying in water from off the island, pain) and I let myself get dehydrated in addition to filling up on sugar. Now, I’m mere steps from both a fully-functioning tap and bathroom at all times, so I’m not afraid to drink!

We’ve had a great weekend, but I’m taking advantage of my protein kick to get a head start on the week’s work. Promised myself I’d only cruise blogs for 30 minutes, so I’m going to stop writing and start reading now.

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