Into the Pool

Stupid plantar fasciitis continues to slow me down. I ran once a week ago Friday, and then again yesterday, and followed each run with stretching, icing, anti-inflammatories, and staying off my foot. I can tell that I’m getting better, but it hasn’t gone away, so I’m trying to work in some new exercises. That has meant I’ve gone into the pool.

Yesterday, I swam for almost 30 minutes. Not quickly, and I took a break at each end, but it was a huge improvement over my first forray into the pool about a year ago, when four laps nearly knocked me out.

This morning, I strapped on an aqua jogging belt and hit the lap pool. I almost chickened out several times. First, all of the lanes had two people each, all of whom were swimmers, so I couldn’t figure out how I would be able to make sharing a lane by circling work. I tried to go into the therapy pool to see if I could make that work, but you really need to be in deeper water.

I hung out in the whirlpool, thinking I’d go home and come back later, but space in a lap lane opened up. It was in the middle of the pool, though, and I was nervous about sharing a lane with a swimmer when I’ve never done this before, so I opted just to swim. After three laps, though, space opened up in the slow lane, and the only other person using it appeared to be aqua-jogging herself, so I scooted over and grabbed a belt.

Earlier in the morning, I spent about 20 minutes watching various Youtube videos. I don’t know why I was so worried, but I guess it is the same gym anxiety I get around any new move or machine.

The advice that helped me the most:

  • Pick a belt that keeps you floating up right with your shoulders a little above the water.
  • Lean forward only a little bit, and try to relax your shoulders.
  • Move your feet up and down like you are stomping grapes.

I wasn’t expecting the workout to be easy, but I ended up quitting a little sooner than I thought I would. Yesterday, when I ran, it just about did me in to go 30 minutes. In the pool, I did 20, which I felt badly about until I reminded myself that it isn’t a race, and that I’d already done a few laps swimming, and that I’ve actually been avoiding exercise, so shouldn’t expect to be in top condition.

I’m totally excited to go back and try again tomorrow, and to see if I can go for at least 30 minutes. I’ll have to start to learn which times of day give me the most space in the pool. I wish they had a place in the deep end where runners could tether themselves and not take up a lane, but I’m not going to start agitating for that because it seems highly unlikely that I could get anywhere with it.

Sorry to post twice in one day, but I was hungry and running low on willpower, so implemented one of the strategies that is supposed to help. I got up from the place in the house where I was, and instead of eating, I went to do something else (blogging). I’ve had a pint of water while typing, and am about to power down a second pint. I also checked my Lose It log to remind myself what I’ve accomplished today, calories/balance-wise so I’m not tempted to screw it up by going on a hunt for chocolate.

And now, off to play with the dogs in the backyard to get farther away from this craving.

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