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Get Me Through Thursday

For two days in a row, I’ve recorded what I’ve eaten and stuck to my calorie goal. I’ve done a very good job, too, of getting those calories from real food distributed properly across the food groups (e.g. five servings … Continue reading

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Sugar Scourge

So far this morning, I’ve thrown away two half-empty bags of M&Ms and two halves of different 4 oz. dark chocolate bars stashed in various places around the house so that I would not finish them. I have not gotten … Continue reading

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Another Year, Another 5 Pounds

I decided last week that I’d see how things went if I weighed just once a week. Since I was up five pounds this morning, I don’t think I like the waiting one week. I’m pretty sure I’ve not eaten … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Monday

I’m making a cauliflower dish from the New York Times to go with a simple roasted chicken for dinner. I’m hoping that, plus a killer Greek yogurt & basil smoothie, plus a walk around the neighborhood with the dogs, and … Continue reading

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Back & Almost Good to Go

Whew – didn’t lose, but also didn’t gain, while on vacation. I credit the fact that every day involved ~10,000 steps, just getting from the hotel to various places for meals. I was a little cuckoo about the Fitbit, snapping … Continue reading

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