New Year – New Day

It seems a little trite to start again on New Year’s Day, but it seems sillier to NOT start just because it isn’t cool to start on a day when people traditionally start.

The good news is that I’m here. The not as good news is that I’m back up to 191. The better news is that I haven’t slid any further, I still have 40 pounds lost, and I know what it takes to get back on track:

  1. Accountability.
  2. Eating healthy foods in healthy amounts.
  3. Exercising regularly.

In other words, it takes getting it all back in balance. We’re about to take our annual new year’s trip, and I’m not certain I’ll have access to the full range of foods I’d like to incorporate in my eating plan, but here’s what I can do and plan to do. I can clip my little Fitbit onto my waistband each morning. I can log the food I do eat. I can focus on relaxing and refreshing my mind.

When I get back next week, I can get on the scale again and start to work on getting the gym back into my schedule. I can work on swapping out the buttercream for kale and blueberries.

I hope you are all doing well. I feel really sheepish coming back here. I’ve been avoiding this blog and all of the blogs and bloggers who were so awesome and supportive and inspiring. Why did I do that? We are our own worst enemies, so all I can do, again, is look forward. After all, it is a new year. Here’s to it!

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3 Responses to New Year – New Day

  1. Welcome back. You’ve done it before you’ll do it again. Good luck in 2013

  2. Shonnie says:

    WE got this! šŸ˜€ Even when we stumble and fall, we are like webbles. Webbles wobbly but the don’t fall down. šŸ˜€

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