Back & Almost Good to Go

Whew – didn’t lose, but also didn’t gain, while on vacation. I credit the fact that every day involved ~10,000 steps, just getting from the hotel to various places for meals. I was a little cuckoo about the Fitbit, snapping it onto my bathing suit when I left the beach to run back to the room for a bathroom break.

Coming home, however, I came down with some sniffles and such that knocked me off my plan to come home & hit the gym like a champ. I’m feeling better today, after two nights’ sleep in my own bed, so am going to try to at least do a little walking.

Plantar fasciitis continues to be a problem for me. The half-marathon I was going to run is this weekend. I’ve now set my sights on a 5K in March, but realized that even walking it would be a good goal, rather than dragging out this injury by trying to run too soon. We shall see.

I got an astonishingly powerful Vitamix blender for Christmas, so have been experimenting with green smoothies. It does seem like a huge accomplishment when I can get a big veggie hit first thing in the morning. So far, my favorite combo has been Greek yogurt, kale, fresh ginger, cantaloupe, cucumber, and honeydew melon. The trick is keeping the fruit to a reasonable serving size. I bought chia seeds yesterday, and didn’t notice them in the mix, but honestly, haven’t done any research on their health value. Perhaps this morning I’ll look into it, but I’m just going on faith & recommendations from others that they at least aren’t bad for me!

Thanks for welcoming me back. I’m going to try to be easy on myself, not critical, and just ease back into living a healthier life than I have been. I realize this may be a singularly uninspiring and meandering blog post, but that’s part of it, too. The saying, the writing, is the discipline of sitting down and considering it, is more important for me than the quality. Onward!

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One Response to Back & Almost Good to Go

  1. Shonnie says:

    Welcome back! 😀

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