Get Me Through Thursday

For two days in a row, I’ve recorded what I’ve eaten and stuck to my calorie goal. I’ve done a very good job, too, of getting those calories from real food distributed properly across the food groups (e.g. five servings of veggies).

I’m trying to cut out sugar, although I’ve been having green smoothies in the morning with fruit (in addition to the green parts & chia seeds & yogurt). Yesterday, by the end of the day, if you had walked past me with a donut in your hand, you might have lost a finger. I’m a little cranky about the whole situation.

Today, my husband has invited 10 work colleagues over for dinner. I woke up this morning thinking hey, I should make brownies first thing so the kitchen warms up and the house smells good. I talked myself down from that idea, because really, what that means is that I’ll make them, one or two of the ten will eat one or two, and the rest will tank my resolve.

I’ve lost two pounds since the last time I weighed myself, and I’m determined not to go over 200 ever again, so that’s two pounds in the right direction. If I can get through this dinner, and this week, without giving in to sugar, I’ll be proud of myself. If not, well, I’ll try not to beat myself up. It is a little discouraging to realize that I was about 15 pounds from my goal, and am now 54 pounds from it, but it would be even more discouraging to be 84 pounds from it, so there’s that!

I’m having some issue with the Reader function in WordPress, so am having to google and hunt a bit to check in on everyone. I’m choosing to count it as more exercise for my fingers.

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