Thank You, Early Morning Self

Thank goodness that my early morning self was full of resolve and optimism! I woke up, got up, hit the kitchen, and threw away all of the leftover sugar and butterfat (a.k.a. vanilla ice cream and mini cherry pies) from the weekend. Plus the Girl Scout cookies that have been taunting me for a week. Threw them all away in the trash outside, the big bin, the one I would never, ever, ever go into to get something out of (except car keys, but I don’t eat those).

Now, as I start to wonder what a good mid-morning snack might be, I do not have the option of eating any of those things. Thanks to a spinach e. coli recall, I actually don’t have many options at all. Water, yogurt, and an orange it is! ]

Hope you are doing well. I’m struggling, but mostly winning. I’m afraid to get on the scale these days, but soon, I’ll get there.

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One Response to Thank You, Early Morning Self

  1. Shonnie says:

    Way-to-go girl. I haven’t gotten on the scales in months–well that isn’t actually correct–I never look at the scale my hubs does. He is logging my weight for me but won’t answer any questions about my weight, except to tell me if I have gone up or down. It has helped me stay positively focused on what I need to do instead of the number on the scale. 😀

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