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A Good Read, No (Few?) Mean Comments

I’ve said it before, and know many of you feel the same way—it is great to have a safe space, these blogs, for all of us to discuss the challenges, hopes, fears, etc. we all experience around losing weight. I … Continue reading

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Poor Paula Deen

So, it’s true. Paula Deen does have type 2 diabetes, and she is shilling for a pharmaceutical firm that makes a leading diabetes treatment drug. Cue the fat-shaming. Of course, people are saying. Look at how she cooks. Look at … Continue reading

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The Anti-Obesity Ads You Won’t See in Georgia (Or Anywhere Else)

I’ve read some incredibly thoughtful and personal blog posts about the state of Georgia’s new anti-childhood obesity campaign public service announcements. I love the very first comment on that third post so much so that I’m just going to quote … Continue reading

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Tump Should Be a Word

I was brought up saying tump. Things and people could tump over, and frequently did. I was also brought up being told that tump was not a word. This left me somewhat confused as to what a word really was, … Continue reading

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A Weighty Editorial

Kudos to Frank Bruni for this great New York Times editorial. I wondered when Governor Christie’s weight would become a campaign issue. Not because I think it deserves to be one, but because I know how cruel people are. I … Continue reading

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