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As Long As You’re Moving Forward, You’re Not Moving Backward

Well, weighed in at 176 this morning, which is only 56 pounds lost, and I had been all the way to 78 pounds lost earlier in the spring. So, I basically gained 25% of my lost weight back. The good … Continue reading

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The Damage Done

Before I was awake enough to think better of the idea, I stepped on the scale this morning. Gulp. It looks like I’m up 5.8 pounds since I left town on June 29th, and almost 11 pounds from my overall … Continue reading

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Sneaking the Healthy into Food

I actually love vegetables, so feel sorry for people who are forced to hide them in other food, drown them in sauce, etc. Over the weekend, we ate some delicious roasted local purple cauliflower. I cooked it with just a … Continue reading

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All Is Not Lost (All Is Not Gained, Either)

Well, this little experiment in taking a month-long near-vacation has been mixed! Internet access has been spotty. Well, who am I kidding, my desire to sit in front of a computer has been spotty. I’ve spent too much time doing … Continue reading

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Four More

When I started my year-long weight loss program—Lifelong Way—I set a goal of losing 80 pounds. It seemed reasonable, not trying to lose a full 100 to get back to my college weight, since college was an awfully long time … Continue reading

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