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Chain Restaurant Challenge

Road trip! I’ve got to head out for work for a couple of days, driving across rural Texas. In the best case scenario, this means finding a couple of really great bbq joints that do wonderful things with chicken and … Continue reading

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Part of My Weight Loss Philosophy

Like everyone else, it seems, I’ve lost weight before only to see it come back. With a vengeance. I’m doing things differently this time around, I hope, that will stop the rebound gain. You know how people talk about having … Continue reading

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The Anti-Obesity Ads You Won’t See in Georgia (Or Anywhere Else)

I’ve read some incredibly thoughtful and personal blog posts about the state of Georgia’s new anti-childhood obesity campaign public service announcements. I love the very first comment on that third post so much so that I’m just going to quote … Continue reading

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Eat Something To Build Your Willpower

One of the most helpful insights I gained from my last big episode of weight loss, about 6 or 7 years ago, was that willpower should be like a spare tire for your car. In an emergency, you can drive … Continue reading

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Belts Now an Option, Snuggling Always an Option

A couple of months ago, I tried tying a scarf around my waist as a belt. I didn’t exactly have tons of material to work with. Yesterday, I tried again, and almost felt like I couldn’t get away with it … Continue reading

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