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Being Honest with Lose It

I woke up just now and, before even making tea, logged my food from lunch and dinner in Lose It. I was over 384 calories for the day, and I didn’t do any exercise to offset it. We had people … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Monday

I’m making a cauliflower dish from the New York Times to go with a simple roasted chicken for dinner. I’m hoping that, plus a killer Greek yogurt & basil smoothie, plus a walk around the neighborhood with the dogs, and … Continue reading

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Four More

When I started my year-long weight loss program—Lifelong Way—I set a goal of losing 80 pounds. It seemed reasonable, not trying to lose a full 100 to get back to my college weight, since college was an awfully long time … Continue reading

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The Locked Toolbox

I think there is a weird mental state one can be in—I know I’ve been in it before—where you know what to do, and you think about doing it, and you know what the results would be if you did … Continue reading

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Daily Veggies

As I’ve ridden this slump, I have managed to track my eating most days, although I just noticed that Saturday-Sunday-Monday are totally blank in my Lose It log. Starting Monday, however, I made a concerted effort to eat veggies at … Continue reading

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