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New Year – New Day

It seems a little trite to start again on New Year’s Day, but it seems sillier to NOT start just because it isn’t cool to start on a day when people traditionally start. The good news is that I’m here. … Continue reading

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As Long As You’re Moving Forward, You’re Not Moving Backward

Well, weighed in at 176 this morning, which is only 56 pounds lost, and I had been all the way to 78 pounds lost earlier in the spring. So, I basically gained 25% of my lost weight back. The good … Continue reading

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The Triumphant Return

That may not be an accurate title for this post, but it sounded more hopeful than the first few I wrote. Total collapse? Sheepish admission? Those would perhaps be more accurate, but far less inspiring. And I need inspiring. I’m … Continue reading

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The Damage Done

Before I was awake enough to think better of the idea, I stepped on the scale this morning. Gulp. It looks like I’m up 5.8 pounds since I left town on June 29th, and almost 11 pounds from my overall … Continue reading

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Four More

When I started my year-long weight loss program—Lifelong Way—I set a goal of losing 80 pounds. It seemed reasonable, not trying to lose a full 100 to get back to my college weight, since college was an awfully long time … Continue reading

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