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Things I Used to Eat v. What I Eat Now

I’m in Texas, y’all, and I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I am a long way from giving up meat. At least once a week, both before this new way of eating and after, I hit a bbq … Continue reading

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Low Salt, High(er) Anxiety

At the doctor’s last week, I gave up a vial or two of blood for testing to make sure I’m doing OK with the liquid diet. Everything was in the normal range except sodium, which is a couple of decimal … Continue reading

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The Coaches of My Youth, Part 1

I read this post this morning about a truly horrible elementary school P.E. teacher, which prompted me to think about my early role models for physical activity, if not actually exercise. I was a tomboy. I loved playing outside, and … Continue reading

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Tempting Shortcuts

Twice, I’ve undergone rapid weight loss through a liquid diet program at a hospital-based clinic. The first time, I lost almost 70 pounds; the second, closer to 60. Each time, I gained it back within about 18 months. Ugh. The … Continue reading

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Calories I Don’t Worry About

Through high school, college, and most of my twenties, I drank like I had something to prove. I was proud when men were impressed with how much I could drink. I hung out with women who could drink as much … Continue reading

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