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I know there are no bad foods, but I’ve pretty much eliminated fruit juice from my diet. You know the accusations—high in sugar, doesn’t have the fiber that the whole fruit does, often has added sugar. I’m usually fine without … Continue reading

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Hardcore Detox Days

Days 5 to 7 are here. Cruciferous veggies; raw, leafy greens; oil and vinegar; and 2 scoops of protein powder four times a day. I threatened last night to only do two days of this instead of three. I’ll see … Continue reading

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I’m a Pretty Big Deal at the Gym

As I started up around the track yesterday afternoon, I was putting my hair up, focused on getting in a groove for an hour and going as far as I could. Hair secured out of my eyes, I looked up … Continue reading

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Nobody tell the terrorists, but I’ve invented an extremely potent biochemical weapon. Mix one protein shake on a Friday night. Drink it. Carefully, so it will not leak or drip, put the empty shaker in a zip-closing plastic bag inside … Continue reading

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Hey! Look at Me! Watch Me Do Science!

OK, the New York Times offered up some potentially depressing news in an article titled, ominously, Biological Changes Thwart Weight Loss Efforts, Study Finds: For years, studies of obesity have found that soon after fat people lost weight, their metabolism slowed … Continue reading

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