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It’s More than the Clothes

True, what finally snapped me out of this lapse was noticing that my sporty shorts are rather more snug around my legs than they were earlier this summer, but I got a reminder last night that losing weight and exercising … Continue reading

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It’s About Health

I’m trying. I’m weighing myself, and the two-pound range I’ve been in has shifted up a step. What was the 155 to 157 range has become the 156 to 158 range. I’m going to get past this, but I need … Continue reading

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Chewing Over the Detox Decision

Day 2. Well, I’m officially out of ketosis, I’m guessing, because my nutrient breakdown yesterday was 40% carbs and 13% protein, which leaves a pretty hefty chunk of the day to fats, thanks to an olive oil and avocado-rich raw … Continue reading

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Arghhhhh You Curious About My Lab Results?

No, I haven’t stretched International Talk Like a Pirate Day into a month-long event. Just got lab results back. Some of them, anyway. I do not have h. pylori. I do have a vitamin D deficiency. Hence the pirate. Pirates, … Continue reading

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Open My Big Mouth

I should have know. No sooner do I give my husband the side eye for over-salting … Got my lab results from the most recent blood draw. I’m over-hydrated, so my sodium is low. Yes, medical mystery that I am, … Continue reading

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