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Chewing Over the Detox Decision

Day 2. Well, I’m officially out of ketosis, I’m guessing, because my nutrient breakdown yesterday was 40% carbs and 13% protein, which leaves a pretty hefty chunk of the day to fats, thanks to an olive oil and avocado-rich raw … Continue reading

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Belts Now an Option, Snuggling Always an Option

A couple of months ago, I tried tying a scarf around my waist as a belt. I didn’t exactly have tons of material to work with. Yesterday, I tried again, and almost felt like I couldn’t get away with it … Continue reading

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Arghhhhh You Curious About My Lab Results?

No, I haven’t stretched International Talk Like a Pirate Day into a month-long event. Just got lab results back. Some of them, anyway. I do not have h. pylori. I do have a vitamin D deficiency. Hence the pirate. Pirates, … Continue reading

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Weighting for Results

Sorry about the bad pun. I inherited the problem from my dad. Everything else, I seem to have gotten from my mom. I’m waiting for results from my mammogram, but I’m not terribly concerned or focused on that. I’m also … Continue reading

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Tips for All-Liquid, Low-Calorie Diets

I’ve been counting wrong, so trued up. Today is my 60th day on the all-liquid diet. That’s 8 weeks and four days. When I’m actually drinking the shakes, I’m tired of them, but the rest of the time, I don’t … Continue reading

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