I’ve been fat and I’ve been not fat. Right now, for many personal reasons, I’m on a quest to lose weight.

I hold very dear the belief that people can be healthy at every size, and unhealthy at any size. It would break my heart for someone to interpret my feelings, motivations, actions, and size as a judgment about their own feelings, motivations, actions, and size.

I know I’ve been judged because of my weight. I had a boss who ignored actual accomplishments related to my job duties and evaluated me instead based upon how I looked. I quit that job and found a place that valued what I could do.

I’ve had well-meaning people say incredibly hurtful things to me based upon their own level of discomfort with my weight. Some of those people have been my family members and close friends. I’ve confronted the meanness and moved beyond it with the people worth keeping close; the others, well, I’ve let them drift away. I’m not here to be their after-school story or very special episode.

I’ve also used my weight an an excuse and an invisibility cloak. I’ve allowed myself to say no when I really wanted to say yes. I’ve wallowed in shame and done nothing to make myself feel better. I’ve made an enemy of my own body. I don’t want to do that any longer.

This blog is my story, and it is for me. I’m delighted when people read it, and glad if my experience can help you in some way, but I am not offering it as health, medical, or nutritional advice, so you should not construe anything I say as such.

Be happy. Be comfortable with yourself. Be kind to yourself. If you can do those things, you can do anything.

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