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Methadone Ice Cream

See update at the end! I sometimes point out that, for all of my struggles with overeating, it could be worse. I could have a heroin problem. By saying I buy into the theory that food addiction exists, I’m not … Continue reading

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Eat This Not That (In Moderation)

It isn’t exactly good for me, but it isn’t as bad as it could be. It is like a savory meringue with chocolate ganache filling. It is: 1 very ripe avocado 2 TBS cocoa powder 2 TBS honey Dash vanilla … Continue reading

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Heel Detox

Day 1 of the detox went OK. The biggest challenge was not the eating, but adding exercise back into the mix. After being off of my heel (because of plantar fasciitis) for three weeks, I ran yesterday. Just a mile, … Continue reading

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Staying Healthy on a Road Trip

It is really going to happen—planets have aligned, projects have come together, and everything seems to be in place so that we really are going to be able to go stay at our family’s summer house on a lake in … Continue reading

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Four More

When I started my year-long weight loss program—Lifelong Way—I set a goal of losing 80 pounds. It seemed reasonable, not trying to lose a full 100 to get back to my college weight, since college was an awfully long time … Continue reading

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