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Being Honest with Lose It

I woke up just now and, before even making tea, logged my food from lunch and dinner in Lose It. I was over 384 calories for the day, and I didn’t do any exercise to offset it. We had people … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Monday

I’m making a cauliflower dish from the New York Times to go with a simple roasted chicken for dinner. I’m hoping that, plus a killer Greek yogurt & basil smoothie, plus a walk around the neighborhood with the dogs, and … Continue reading

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New Year – New Day

It seems a little trite to start again on New Year’s Day, but it seems sillier to NOT start just because it isn’t cool to start on a day when people traditionally start. The good news is that I’m here. … Continue reading

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It’s More than the Clothes

True, what finally snapped me out of this lapse was noticing that my sporty shorts are rather more snug around my legs than they were earlier this summer, but I got a reminder last night that losing weight and exercising … Continue reading

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As Long As You’re Moving Forward, You’re Not Moving Backward

Well, weighed in at 176 this morning, which is only 56 pounds lost, and I had been all the way to 78 pounds lost earlier in the spring. So, I basically gained 25% of my lost weight back. The good … Continue reading

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