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The Locked Toolbox

I think there is a weird mental state one can be in—I know I’ve been in it before—where you know what to do, and you think about doing it, and you know what the results would be if you did … Continue reading

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Daily Veggies

As I’ve ridden this slump, I have managed to track my eating most days, although I just noticed that Saturday-Sunday-Monday are totally blank in my Lose It log. Starting Monday, however, I made a concerted effort to eat veggies at … Continue reading

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Cravings, True Hunger, and Reading Nutrition Labels

Sometimes, you haven’t eaten enough food, so you eat. Maybe some pizza, maybe a salad, perhaps a bowl of soup, but you eat it, and you aren’t hungry. That’s hunger. Sometimes, you really want pizza. You think about pizza. And … Continue reading

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The Anti-Obesity Ads You Won’t See in Georgia (Or Anywhere Else)

I’ve read some incredibly thoughtful and personal blog posts about the state of Georgia’s new anti-childhood obesity campaign public service announcements. I love the very first comment on that third post so much so that I’m just going to quote … Continue reading

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Hey! Look at Me! Watch Me Do Science!

OK, the New York Times offered up some potentially depressing news in an article titled, ominously, Biological Changes Thwart Weight Loss Efforts, Study Finds: For years, studies of obesity have found that soon after fat people lost weight, their metabolism slowed … Continue reading

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