Tools I Use

An annotated list (which will grow, I promise) of things I’ve found useful as far as getting my you-know-what together:

Lose It!
An iPhone app that tracks food & exercise. A food diary on steroids. While it contains a fairly extensive database of foods (restaurant and brand name) you can plug in, it also gives you the opportunity to plug in your favorite recipes so you can get an actual nutritional breakdown on them. Sometimes, your home cookin’ isn’t as healthy as you think it is. But it almost always beats fast food! I submitted a request that they consider adding a way to track your emotions, too, so you can see if/when there is a correlation between feeling bad and eating poorly.

The Pomodoro Method

Read about why this time management tool helps me with my health goals, too.

My gym has this system connected to all weight-lifting and cardio machines so you can log your exercise automatically. You can also enter workouts manually. The benefit to me is seeing my points ranking relative to others at my gym. I crave approval and recognition, so I can definitely envision pushing myself to do one more set to break into the top ranks of point-getters. Even though there is no prize, and the other people may not know or care I’m competing with them. All I know is that I can use all the motivation I can get.

My Scale
It isn’t fancy or new. I have no idea what brand it is. It does have a memory feature so that, when I step on my button, I can see what I weighed the last time I stepped on for comparison’s sake.

I used to subscribe to the weigh-once-a-week, don’t pay attention to numbers school, but that’s not worked for me so well. I need the daily motivation, or warning, depending upon which way things are moving.

My scale does record tenths of pounds, but I’m going to switch to using round numbers when I talk about the weight. I figure there’s probably a margin of error with those 10ths (heavy necklace? drank a pint of water first thing?).

Pedometer → Fitbit
Apparently, you are supposed to take at least 10,000 steps per day for good health. I strongly suspect that some days, when I’m working at home & I skip the gym, I am in the lowest part of the low end. That is definitely not good. I started off with a fairly basic $10-20 pedometer, and that worked pretty well. It kept time, so it re-set each day, and could remember 7 days’ worth of data.

I’ve now upgraded to the Fitbit.

I’m writing this on my first full day of using it, but I can tell I’m going to like it. It integrates, to a degree, with Lose It. I love sitting down at the computer and getting an update on my daily motion. I haven’t quite figured out all of the bells and whistles yet. I really like that in addition to wearing it on your belt/waist of your pants, you can clip it to the middle of your bra, or even just slip it in your pocket.

The Chef’s Choice 120
To celebrate reaching the mid-point of my goal to lose 80 pounds, I bought not a piece of jewelry, or a massage, or even new running shoes or pants that fit, but a knife sharpener. If I’m going to be cooking every day with fresh veggies, I want to be able to slice’m and dice’m like a pro. Fingertips, watch out!

The Hula Hoop, a.k.a. Cardio Core Hoop
Hard to take a picture of a hoop, it turns out. Here were my thoughts upon purchasing this.


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  1. 2 thumbs up for the original cardio core tool!

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